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Fall 2011 -

At Mission Control for Endeavour’s last flight
When Endeavour blasted into space on its final shuttle flight (STS-134), flight director Gary Horlacher (BSIDE ’89) was at work in NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston, orchestrating teams of specialists in behind-the-scenes work.
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Laser, electric fields combined for new 'lab-on-chip' technologies
Three recent mechanical engineering doctoral graduates are playing major roles in developing innovative technologies in diverse areas from food safety to crime-scene forensics.

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Researchers look to deliver water (and energy) in ways both old and new
As one engineer helps deliver clean drinking water with 2,000-year-old technology, another works on the chemistry’s cutting edge on breakthroughs for both potable water and clean energy.
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Collaborations breed success
Center for Implantable Devices faculty researchers team with clinicians and commercial partners to solve medical puzzles.
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