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At Mission Control for Endeavour’s last flight

When Endeavour blasted into space on its final shuttle flight (STS-134), flight director Gary Horlacher (BSIDE ?89) was at work in NASA?s Mission Control Center in Houston, orchestrating teams of specialists in behind-the-scenes work.

Laser, electric fields combined for new 'lab-on-chip' technologies

Three recent mechanical engineering doctoral graduates are playing major roles in developing innovative technologies in diverse areas from food safety to crime-scene forensics.

Researchers look to deliver water (and energy) in ways both old and new

As one engineer helps deliver clean drinking water with 2,000-year-old technology, another works on the chemistry’s cutting edge on breakthroughs for both potable water and clean energy.

Collaborations breed success

Center for Implantable Devices faculty researchers team with clinicians and commercial partners to solve medical puzzles.