The Great ECN Brain Dump

guide for new student employees

ECE Wall of Fame

The ECE project has been going on for several years as of this writing. It is believed to keep getting updated until the ECE department is caught up (?) or they stop caring for it. It can be found at The admin page is at This was created by the author, allbeit at a younger, more naive age.

Name Lists

There is a silly connection between namelists and degreelists due to the odd method in which we initially obtained the information. We first had several lists from two different offices and we were forced to reconcile them the best we could.

New names added should be put in the namelist folder as a persistent list. Degrees should be added to the degreeList and degreeListall lists. The former is used for the admin scripts and the names are removed from the list when they are used. (This is why the degreeListall is there for backup).

Slide Show Presentation

The slideshow feature is fairly easy to use. Brian set it up at The pictures will automatically flip through using javascript