The Great ECN Brain Dump

guide for new student employees

Other Resources for Surviving at ECN

ECN Knowlege Base
The Brain Dump cannot possibly hold all of the information that you will ever need for your work at ECN. Even if time and space were not an issue, its contents are limited to the knowledge of the author. When you have learned all that you can from the tutorials contained in the Brain Dump, it's time to move on to the ECN Knowlege Base. The Knowledge Base (KB for short) is a sort of ECN encyclopedia, a collection of articles related to anything and everything ECN-related and some topics that are not ECN specific. If you have any questions about computers and nobody is around to answer them, the KB is a good place to start.
ECN Library
ECN maintains a modest library of computer books located next to Marian's office. If you need more in-depth information than the Knowledge Base can provide, there may be a book about the subject in the library. You can use the online card catalog to find the right book for your needs. Ask Marian or the staff librarian how to check out books.
Student Staff Page
This page lists all of the student employees at ECN along with their photographs. If you are curious about who your coworkers are and what they do, check take a look.