The Great ECN Brain Dump

guide for new student employees

The ECN Queue

queue Pronunciation: 'kyü

  • a sequence of messages or jobs held in auxiliary storage awaiting transmission or processing
  • a braid of hair usually worn hanging at the back of the head

Emails sent to ECN are more than likely going to end up in the a queue of some sort. For example, addresses at ECN for the webmaster, helpdesk, machelp, and windows all are stored in the queue for processing. The goals of this organizing are to faciliate both replies coworker cooperation. At ECN we like to get a response back to the user within 24 hours, either resolving the issue or to let them know we are working on it.

Using the Queue

For general viewing of queue items a web interface was set up a long while ago. ( If you are working for Marian, you are more than likely wanting to use the "ECN Web/Internet Support" option. This web interface allows for quick viewing of queue items, but not much more. The only advantages it has over the traditional command line interface is the categorizing (not used) and ability to download attachments.

Most actions associated with queue messages will be done on the original command line interface. The general way to list messages is with the qscan [queue] located at /usr/local/etc/ecn/queue/qscan . A newer and better script has been created at ECN/ecnweb/bin/qweb . This script uses the qscan script defaulted to 'webmaster' but formats the listing in a slightly more readable fashion.

Below you will find a list of the most common queue commands and a brief description.

qscan [queuename] List off the queue items in queuename
qweb Similar to 'qscan webmaster' except with better formatting
qshow [number] Displays the contents of the numbered queue item.
qrmm [number] Reponds and archives the numbered queue item.
qrepl [number] Replies to the numbered item and leaves it in the queue.
qarchive [number] Removes the numbered item from the listing and puts it in the archive
qdelete [number] Removes the numbered item from the listing and does not put it in the archive
qdel [start] [end] qdelete's queue items from start to end (ECN/ecnweb/qdel)


[number] or [queuename] is always optional. The last item touched will be used as the current number (or queue).