The Great ECN Brain Dump

guide for new student employees

Your first day at ECN

Welcome to ECN! We're glad to have you aboard. There are a few procedures that all new ECN student employees need to complete when they are first hired. This tutorial will walk you through them. Along the way, it should help to familiarize you with the workings of ECN.

The "Pool"

Most student employees work in the student "pool," a cubicle containing a number of computers for student staff use. You are probably sitting at one of them now. Some students do most of their work in another location. Marian will let you know whether she expects you to work in the pool or somewhere else.

We have several Windows workstations in the pool. Most of them have a dual monitor setup, which will allow you to see all of your work and be more efficient.

Some students also choose to do most of their work on personal laptops, you are welcome to do this but make sure you have the required programs and utilities to do your job. Also make sure you store at least copies of any on going work on the ECN shared drive, more on that later.

Setting up Your Schedule

The first thing you will need to do is figure out your work and class schedule. As you have probably seen on the front wall of the pool the other employees have printed a copy of their class schedule and either Photoshoped or hand drawn in their work hours. You should go ahead and do this, if you have not already, go talk to Marian and find out how many hours a week she would like you to work.

Don’t forget to add a photo to your schedule so people know who you are. You can use your own image or you can ask on of the other student employees to take one and upload it for you.

Now you can move on to the more technical details of working at ECN.