The Great ECN Brain Dump

guide for new student employees

University Visual Arts Committee

The UVAC page is located at The site is mainly automated, and should have admin pages for most things.

Poster Lending

The Committee section leads to the Restricted section which will lead to Poster Lending. Since the move to the new site, this page should be self explained. If backend database updates must be done, the tables are in ecnweb Oracle POSTER_POSTER, POSTER_STATS, POSTER_BORROWER. These tables predate the author and may have some odd quirks.

Email Scripts

Every year before the poster lending session emails are sent out to all of the past poster borrowers. The scripts are in ecnweb at /system/www/entities/ECN/ecnweb/VAC/email_scripts. The and scripts are named appropriately. The WithData python script appends what each borrower (a note if none) has still on loan. Each year the file will need to be modified with a new/different past due date (at the top of the file).

The emails are meant to be run on Marian's computer. They will run in the background spitting out the details of the email it just sent. Note: the From address is determined from who is logged in, so be careful where/who is running it.