The Great ECN Brain Dump

guide for new student employees


Welcome to ECN!

This "Brain Dump" site is intended for ECN student employees working for Brian Brinegar. If you are not an ECN student employee, you may still find some usefulness in these tutorials, but there is a lot of ECN-specific information.

If you are one of the people I've described, you should be able to find tutorials that will help you get started at ECN. The menus to the left are broken down into categories based upon tutorial types.

Tutorials that should apply to just about any ECN employee. Includes orientation information, instructions for setting up a new account, and general tips for using ECN computers. All new employees should start here.
Web Design
Information about web design in general and how it is practiced at ECN. Rather than include detailed instructions for creating web pages, many of these tutorials will link to some of the other great resources on the subject, both on the web and elsewhere on the ECN website.
Graphics play an important role at ECN, not only on web pages but also in documents, posters, display cases, and assorted other contexts. From time to time, Marian will require almost all employees to use some graphics, but a bulk of this section is intended for the designated ECN Web Graphics Technician. Good graphic design cannot be taught by a tutorial and must be learned by experience, but this section of the site will provide you with some of the tools needed to create the graphics that will be required of you on the job.

About the Braindump

This site was initially created by Jesse Janowiak, an ECN student employee for more than three years. The concept of a "brain dump" was suggested by Marian Delp when she realized that her most experienced student was about to graduate, taking his three years of experience with him. Rather than start his replacement or replacements with a blank slate, Marian and Jesse implemented the Brain Dump website as a way to train the new employees. Since its first inception, the braindump has received technical articles from another long running ECN employee, Ben Wolfe. After Marian's retirement in December 2007 Brian Brinegar became responsible for the web students. The newest updates are courtesy of Allyson Boeckman.