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Faculty News

Awards and Accolades

Dan DeLaurentis, Joe Jewell, Waterloo Tsutsui

Left to right: Professor Dan DeLaurentis, associate professor Joe Jewell, research associate Waterloo Tsutsui.

Professor Dan DeLaurentis was one of the 28 people chosen for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Class of 2023 Fellows. He was also appointed and accepted service into the Air Force Studies Board with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; and was appointed vice president for Discovery Park District Institutes at Purdue. Purdue's provost approved acknowledging DeLaurentis as the Bruce Reese Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Associate professor Joe Jewell accepted an invitation to the competitive Defense Science Study Group (DSSG), a DARPA-sponsored program. Members meet with top-level officials in government and intelligence agencies, the White House, and Congress. They also visit military bases, defense laboratories and other research facilities across the U.S. This exclusive program has accepted just over 200 participants since it began in 1986.

Senior research associate Waterloo Tsutsui (PhD AAE '17) received the Engineering Education Excellence Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers. The award recognizes a demonstrated ability to link engineering education with professional practice.

Tom Shih, James Garrison

Left: Professor Tom Shih; Right: Profesor James Garrison

The University of Michigan has given a Merit Award from the Department of Mechanical Engineering to Tom Shih, professor and former AAE department head. The award is part of the university's alumni recognition program.

For his contributions to Earth remote sensing using signals of opportunity, professor James Garrison was elevated to fellow in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Scott Meyer, Michael Sangid, Haifeng Wang

Left to right: Scott Meyer, Micheal Sangid, Haifeng Wang

The AIAA selected three AAE Boilermakers for its 2024 class of associate fellows: Scott Meyer, managing director of Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories; Michael Sangid, professor; and Haifeng Wang, associate professor. The Purdue Board of Trustees also approved Sangid to be named Reilly Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Karen Marais, John Poggie

Left: Professor Karen Marais; Right: Profesor John Poggie

Professor Karen Marais was inducted into Purdue's Book of Great Teachers — a recognition of Purdue's finest educators. Twelve of the 467 names in the book are from AAE. The book was created in 1999 and is updated every five years. It is on permanent display in the Purdue Memorial Union.

Professor Jon Poggie was selected in 2023 as a Purdue University Faculty Scholar. This award provides research funding annually for a five-year term. AAE professors James Garrison, Michael Sangid and Timothe Pourpoint are currently also University Faculty Scholars.

New Faculty

AAE has hired several new faculty members to keep up with the program's tremendous growth. Below are the new faces joining us this academic year.

Kawai Kwok

Kawai Kwok, associate professor, comes to Purdue from University of Central Florida, where he researched viscoelastic and tubular ceramic materials; self-deployable structures; and porous metals in solid oxide fuel cells. He was also a research scientist at Technical University of Denmark, and has a PhD from CalTech. His research interests are in aerospace structures, materials and dynamics.

Kazuki Maeda

Kazuki Maeda, assistant professor, previously collaborated with Purdue on laser-based ignition through his large-scale turbulence simulation work at Stanford. His research interests are in rocket propulsion, hypersonics, and data assimilation. He has a PhD from CalTech.

Andrea Capannolo

Andrea Capannolo, assistant professor, did postdoctoral research at ISAE-Supaero on phasing and rendezvous strategies for the Lunar Gateway. He's interested in orbital dynamics and guidance, navigation and controls, especially in multi-gravity environments like cislunar space. He earned his degrees at Politecnico di Milano.

Jamie Canino

Purdue AAE graduate Jamie Canino has returned to campus to teach and mentor AAE undergraduates as an associate professor of engineering practice. He comes from 13 years on the faculty at Trine University, where his work included standing up their Center for Teaching Excellence.

Thiago Guimares

Thiago Guimares is joining Purdue as an associate professor of engineering practice. After his PhD at Federal University of Uberlandia in Brazil, he worked as research scientist on NASA's SCALOS project through the University of Michigan. He was previously a structural stress analysis engineer at Embraer.

Zherui Guo

Zherui Guo, research assistant professor, was a distinguished postdoctoral researcher at the Idaho National Laboratory. His multi-disciplinary research combined impact dynamics, solid mechanics, composites science, and advanced materials characterization. He earned his BS, MS and PhD from Purdue AAE.

Pankaj Joshi

Pankaj Joshi, visiting assistant professor

Danilo De Camargo Branco

Danilo De Camargo Branco (PhD AAE '22), visiting assistant professor

Ronald Agiyei

Ronald Agyei (MSAAE '16, PhD AAE '21), lecturer

Thomas Cunningham

Thomas Cunningham (PhD AAE '22), lecturer


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