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News from 2012

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>> 9/20/12: Congratulations to Fernando Dri who has been chosen as the recipient of the William L. Dolch Graduate Scholarship. This is a merit based scholarship for graduate student enrolled in the School of Civil Engineering and pursuing an advanced degree in the area of materials.   Fernando Dri
>> 9/11/12: Congratulations to Federico Antico and Fernando Cordisco who received an NSF travel award to attend the International Workshop on Multiscale Computational Modeling of Cementitious Materials  to be held in Krakow (Poland) on Oct. 18-19, 2012.
  Federico Antico  Fernando Cordisco
>> 8/08/12: Congratulations to Emmanuel Ochoa again!!!! He has been chosen as one of the 12 finalists for the Undergraduate Student Presentation Award Presentation for the Society of Engineering Science (SES) 49th Annual Technical meeting (To be held in Georgia Tech in October). He also received a Travel Award to attend the meeting.    Emmanuel
>> 8/01/12: Emmanuel Ochoa receives the "Award of Excelence - Top Research Poster" for his work "Van der Waals interaction between low-dimensional nanostructures" presented at the 2012 SURF Research Symposium at Purdue University.
>> 8/01/12: Join the Dactyl Club: Our science paper was feature in Materials Today [Link]and in Science [Link]. Stomatopod
>> 7/23/12: Congratulations to  Fernando Cordisco! his paper on patterned bimaterial interfaces has been accepted for publication in Engineering Fracture Mechanics.

>>  6/7/12:Press releases on our Science paper:
Purdue University Article "Materials research focused on mantis shrimp" [Link]
- ScienceDaily article on Prof. Zavattieri's work on stomatopod "Armored Caterpillar Could Inspire New Body Armor" [Link]
Discovery Magazine "How mantis shrimps deliver armour-shattering punches without breaking their fists" 
-  Live Science Article "Take that Thor! Scret of Hard-Hitting Crustacean Claw Found" [Link]
Scientific American "Hulk take break, Shrimp Smash!" [Link]
- Los Angeles Times "Crustacean's claw may be suited for battle" [Link]
- New York Times "A colorful crustacean with a knockout punch" [Link]
- "Bam! How a shrimp's 200-lb punch could lead to better football helmets" [Link]

Stomatopod Modeling
>>  6/7/12: Our Science paper "The Stomatopod Dactyl Club: A Formidable Damage-Tolerant Biological Hammer" was just published  [].
>> 5/21/12: Prof. Zavattieri has been selected as a panelist at the International Workshop on Multiscale Computational Modeling of Cementitious Materials  to be held in Krakow (Poland) on Oct. 18-19, 2012. He also received an award from NSF to travel to Poland.  [Link]

>>  4/15/12: Congratulations to Fernando Cordisco who received the second best talk award at the SIAM @ Purdue Conference for presenting his work on micropatterned interfaces.

>> 3/30/12: Prof. Zavattieri will give a seminar at the Bio-Interest Group (BIG) Seminars at Mechanical Science and Engineering (MechSE) Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, on Monday April 9. [Link] UIUC

>> 2/17/12: Our paper on "Adhesion of Nickel–titanium Shape Memory Alloy Wires to Thermoplastic Materials: Theory and Experiments", 21 (2012) 035022,1-17, was recently published in Smart Materials and Structures. [Link]

>> 2/16/12: Prof. Zavattieri is co-organizing  
the Symposium “Computational Modeling of Damage and Fracture in Solids” as part of the 49th Annual Technical meeting of the Society of Engineering Science   (SES 2012) to be held in Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, on 10-12 of October , 2012. (Symposium VI.6)

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