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Interesting websites:

(1) Nobel Prize  http://nobelprize.org

(2) All Nobel Laureates in Physics http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics.laureates/

(3) Interesting Lectures delivered by Nobel laureates http://www.honeywellscience.com/home/default.sps

(4) 2010 Nobel Lecture on Graphene http://nobelprize.org/mediaplayer/index.php?id=1420

(5) 2010 Nobel Lecture on Graphene http://nobelprize.org/mediaplayer/index.php?id=1418&view=1


Interesting articles:

(1) 我認識的林家翹先生 Good Articles\CC Lin I known.docx

(2)  治学方法漫谈_林家翹先生 Good Articles\How to do research by CC Lin.docx

(3) 数学与生活丘成桐 Good Articles\Math and Life written by Yau.docx

(4) 81位民国院士近601949年后留在大陆:部分人的命 Good Articles\Academicians at Republic of China.docx

(5) CN Yang in Physics (a) Good Articles\CN Yang_Physics.pdf (b) Good Articles\CN Yang_Physics_2.pdf

(6) 物理学之美解读2013诺贝尔物理奖 Beauty of Physics

(7) 赛先生在中国还是客人?Science in China

(8) 胡适语录 Motto

(9) 方勵之自傳 Fang

(10) 围棋大师的传奇人生 Gu

(11) 稻盛和夫:怎么和欲望共度一生 Temperance

(12) 纳什真人真事 John Nash

(13) 中、西文化关键性的差异 West East Culture

(14) Future Science and Technology Development in China Future S&T in China

(15) How to do academia for young researchers Academic Rules

(16) Life as a Professor in US Professor Life in USA

(17) Speech by Muyan Who is sinn ?

(18) Purity of Academia Purity of Academia

(19) The difference between Academic Life and Exam The difference between Academic Life and Exam