Candidate for 1st Vice President
IEEE Computer Society

- IEEE Fellow

- Gallogy Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Oklahoma

- Associate Vice President of Research and Partnerships

- Data Institue for Societal Challenges

- Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments

Position Statement

Now, more than ever, the Computer Society must be a leader connecting and providing opportunities to our members, and providing innovative technology solutions to global challenges. We need to harness our membership's world-class expertise and innovation to provide international IT leadership, guidance, and direction. We need to harness this world-class expertise to help deploy and deliver new technology driven solutions to these challenges by partnering with other professional societies, companies, and government agencies across the globe. Through these partnerships and coalitions, we can drive innovation, deliver impact, and help solve international problems and mitigate crises. We must maintain our core values and highest quality of our products and services, while innovating to be market leaders in delivery of our products and services to our membership worldwide. While I have been on the Board of Governors, we started this process by introducing new products, improving member engagement, and strategically focusing our products and services, while streamlining our operations. We have become fiscally sound and need to now target strategic growth to continue leadership, innovation, and member service. After the challenges we have all faced this Spring, we need to evaluate the value we can bring to our membership and innovate based on our recent experiences in new models for publication, conferences, communication, and community building. If elected, I will champion the development of innovation and new models for hybrid conferences, publications, and on-line communities, while continuing to actively engage young professionals world-wide as active Society volunteers to provide creative and responsive ideas, products, and services for our membership. These innovative models also enable us to be more inclusive and foster diversity. Our goal must be to provide innovation, service, and value to our membership throughout their careers. Further information is available at .