Major IEEE Accomplishments

• As editor-in-chief of IEEE TVCG, I helped the journal grow in impact factor, submissions, and frequency of publication.

• As editor-in-chief of IEEE TVCG, I drafted and then implemented the journal–conference relationship where the IEEE VIS conference submissions undergo a two-stage journal-quality review process and the proceedings are a special issue of the Transactions, involving an agreement and partnership between the IEEE vgTC and Computer Society Publications.

• On the BOG, I have worked on the future of publications ad-hoc committee to help CS Publications develop a strategy for the changing professional and publication landscape.

• As Second Vice President, Treasurer, and member of the Executive Committee of the CS Board of Governors, I have actively particpated in shaping the direction of the computer society, improving the year-to-year profit sharing and growth of our conferences and technical committees, and making our operations more efficient.

• As the chair of the IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology Steering Committee, I helped lead the development of VAST from a symposia to a full equal conference within IEEE VIS and VAST publications becoming part of IEEE TVCG.

• On several government-funded panels, I helped craft visualization future direction roadmaps as well as write the research agenda establishing visual analytics as a new research area with an associated research agenda, demonstrating professional strategic planning and new initiative leadership.

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