I have ten years of experience working on the IEEE CS Board of Governors, over 23 years of IEEE CS conference involvement and 18 years of IEEE Publications experience that positions me to have a good working knowledge of the Computer Society, its strengths, and challenges. I have a good understanding of the current and future needs of our diverse membership since I am actively involved in academic and research communities while being engaged with IT professionals in government and industry through my work in researching and deploying visualization and analytic solutions. I also have experience from being on the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Committee, Conference Steering Committee, and the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee which provides an additional frame of reference in understanding the challenges of the computer society. As a Board of Governor's member, I’ll be able to continue to lead efforts for growth and adaptation in publications, conferences, and professional education that we have recently started.

The opinions on this page are mine and are not necessarily those of the IEEE Computer Society or the IEEE.