“I have known David to be an IEEE CS volunteer for many years, and fully support him in his candidacy for the position of 2nd Vice President. He has always remain fully dedicated to the duties while serving in any volunteer position, is an individual of outstanding character and keeps the members first and foremost!”

Susan K. (Kathy) Land, FIEEE, R3
IEEE President & CEO 2021

"I am pleased to offer this enthusiastic endorsement of David Ebert for 2nd Vice President of the Computer Society. David has comprehensive understanding of the vast inventory of the Computer Society’s products and services. During my tenure as Computer Society President, David served as my Vice President of Publications. He served with distinction in elevating the Computer Society’s publications as a first-class organization which won many awards for the excellence of our journals and magazines. He worked cooperatively with the editorial staff, authors, publication board and Computer Society Board of Governors to resolve the major issues in our publication’s strategy. Most importantly, David is a person of high integrity and Computer Society team player. David will be an outstanding selection as the Computer Society’s 2nd Vice President."

Roger U. Fujii
IEEE Vice President for Technical Activities
IEEE Computer Society President Emeritus


"I have known David for more than a decade as a dedicated IEEE volunteer with the CS, a research collaborator, and university colleague. He is committed to the highest ethical standards and has consistently demonstrated strong leadership with a broad, inclusive vision any position in which he has served. I am pleased to endorse David Ebert’s candidacy for the position of IEEE CS 2nd VP."

Melba Crawford
IEEE Fellow
Nancy Uridil And Francie Bossu Professor, Purdue University
IEEE TAB Past Treasurer
IEEE GRSS Past President


"I enthusiastically endorse David's candidacy for 1st Vice President of the Computer Society. He certainly possesses the skills and the experience to continue serving his colleagues well. Indeed, in my years in various positions of leadership within the Computer Society, I have had multiple opportunities to observe his extensive leadership skills, first as Treasurer then as VP in charge of the Publications Board. I remember how, in this last position, he expertly maneuvered a large subset of the publications of which he was in charge through a complex review cycle. These activities resulted in much praise from the higher levels of the IEEE and helped garnering awards for several publications under his purview. He accomplished this by maintaining a harmonious cooperation between staff and volunteers, the mark of a true leader. To top it all, he is a remarkable researcher which gives him the profound understanding needed to guide and support our colleagues through the challenges of these difficult times. I look forward to his serving in this new roles and expect him to excel once more."

Jean-Luc Gaudiot
IEEE and AAAS Fellow
Distinguished Professor, University of California, Irvine
IEEE Computer Society President Emeritus

"David Ebert is an internationally-leading researcher, evidenced by the IEEE VGTC Technical award (2016) and his role of TVCG Editor-in-Chief (2003-2007). David is a down-to-earth leading practitioner who worked on numerous mission-critical applications, evidenced by his leadership of the pan-USA program VACCINE (2009-2018). David is an invaluable asset in the mission of IEEE education, evidenced by his academic career as well as his previous role in the Computer Society. I enthusiastically endorse David Ebert because he is the best researcher, practitioner, and educator for the role of the 2nd Vice President of the Computer Society."

Min Chen
Fellow of the British Computer Society    
Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales 
Fellow of the European Association for Computer Graphics University of Oxford, UK


"I would not hesitate to say that David is clearly one of the most influential leaders worldwide. This is evidenced by his extraordinary leadership and service contributions to IEEE TVCG as an Editor-in-Chief and IEEE Computer Society as a vice treasurer, 1st vice president and vice president publication, 2nd vice president and treasurer, Board of Governors member, etc. As an international leader, David has also proactively contributed to the supervision of young researchers worldwide. Many visualization researchers, such as Prof. Ross Maciejewski, Dr. Pak Chung Wong, Prof. Wei Chen, and myself, are directly or indirectly supervised by David and grow quickly in recent years. I am very sure that David’s leadership is well above the bar for a vice president of the IEEE Computer Society. Thus I strongly support his election without any reservation."

Shixia Lu
IEEE Fellow
Professor, Tsinghua University

"I strongly support David's candidacy for first vice president because he embodies the right mix of academic excellence, leadership and management experience, service commitment, and personal integrity which is required to successfully deal with the challenges which lie ahead of the Computer Society."

Thomas Ertl
Director of the research group Graphic Interactive Systems at the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS), Co-Director of the Visualization Research Center (VISUS), Director of the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science (SC SimTech),
University of Stuttgart, Germany

"I've been fortunate to have worked closely with David over a decade, including working for him on the editorial board of IEEE TVCG when he was the Editor-in-Chief. David has always demonstrated exceptional leadership skills with a keen awareness of the needs of the community and an ability to inspire greater involvement. In addition to directing a major research center within the Department of Homeland Security, David has contributed greatly to IEEE Computer Society through his service on the Publications Board and Board of Governors. David is one of the most capable people I know. Our society needs visionary and dynamic leaders like him. I fully believe that he will be an excellent vice president for IEEE CS, and he has my full support for the upcoming election."

Baining Guo
IEEE and ACM Fellow
Distinguished Scientist, Assistant Managing Director
Microsoft Research Asia, China


"I have known David for many years. He is a strategy-directed maker-of-things-to-happen - he thinks and acts strategically and will help move our Computer Society in directions that are beneficial to our members and our profession."

James D. Foley
IEEE and ACM Fellow
Member, National Academy of Engineering
Professor, College of Computing
Stephen Fleming Chair in Telecommunications
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

"Dr. Ebert has been providing outstanding services to the IEEE Computer Society including Board of Governors, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasure, Vice Treasure, VP of Publications, Secretary, Editor-in-Chief, etc. He is a great scholar with many contributions for his research and continues working with many researchers to push for state-of-the-art research and applications. His leadership, vision, dedication, and track record demonstrate his abilities as a great leader. He will bring the IEEE Computer Society to the next level and we would be very fortunate to have Dr. Ebert as our leader."

Shu-Ching Chen, Ph.D.
IEEE Fellow, AAAS Fellow
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE MultiMedia
Professor, Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences
Fellow, Extreme Events Institute, an FIU Preeminent Program
Florida International University


"I strongly endorse David for the IEEE Computer Science 2nd Vice President position. I have been fortunate to collaborate with David for over two decades, and I have witnessed his leadership, service and integrity first hand. His track record as a researcher is exemplary as evidenced by his numerous contributions to the state of the art in Computer Science literature. Additionally, David has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and vision while volunteering his service to ensure the integrity and quality of our conferences and governing bodies. David has been instrumental in ensuring that as a community, we become truly diverse and inclusive. I am confident that David will bring this same leadership and determination to this position. In short, every organization that has been fortunate enough to have David involved is better because of it."

Kelly Gaither
Associate Professor, Department of Women’s Health, Dell Medical School
Director of Health Analytics/Senior Research Scientist, Texas Advanced Computing Center
The University of Texas at Austin


"I strongly support David as the Vice President of the IEEE Computer Science. In addition to being one of the leading researchers in his field, David has done significant leadership and service as a member of the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, the Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, as a member of the IEEE Computer Society's Publications board and as a member of the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors. I am confident David will be a great first VP for IEEE CS."

Chris Johnson
Co-Director, Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing
Distinguished Professor of Computer Science
University of Utah, USA

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