Ricem Diaz-Arroyo

Graduate Research Assistant

Co-advised by Professors Rajamani Gounder and Fabio Ribeiro

Professional Networks


I joined the Gounder group in fall 2019 and my research will focus on . During my undergraduate at UPR-Mayaguez, I started my research career with Prof. De Jesus focusing on filtering pharmaceutical compounds from river water. My other research experiences include an internship at Cornell University with Prof. Kirby and Prof. Cardona working with cancer cells drug resistance and pectin extraction from cocoa husk, respectively. Other than academic research, I worked at Lilly del Caribe in the Process Optimization and Process Engineering department scaling down a drying process. Also, I worked at HP Inc. investigating the rheology of inkjets in the Research and Development Department. Aside from research, I enjoy dancing salsa, cooking and weight training.