Pushkar Ghanekar

Graduate Research Assistant

Advised by Professor Jeffrey Greeley

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Purdue University, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (2016 – Present)
Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, B.E. Chemical Engineering (2012 - 2016)



Project Description

My research focuses on investigating catalyst morphology and functioning alongside modeling reaction pathways for energy-critical reactions. I have been fortunate to work closely with experimentalist especially at the Purdue Catalysis Center, and wide-ranging computational scientists, to develop data-driven insights using quantum-chemical calculations, further augmented by machine-learning.

Currently, I am part of a team investigating new avenues to develop sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel resources for meeting future energy demands. We are working on developing deep-learning based methods to enable realistic description of catalyst surface and devise better sampling strategies to probe near-infinite combinatorial search space of possible candidates.

In addition, I am part of a team developing a free, web-based tool for evaluating the hazards and safety involved in a university-scale laboratory. This effort is supported by CISTAR consortium and jointly supervised by Purdue Process Safety and Assurance Center (P2SAC)

Recent Publications

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