Heejoon Chun

Graduate Research Assistant

Advised by Professor Jeffrey Greeley

Professional Networks



Ajou University, South Korea, B.S. Chemical Engineering (2006)
Seoul National University, South Korea, M.S. Applied Chemistry (2008)
     Thesis: “Development of high efficiency platinum and niobia-added platinum electrocatalysts for direct methanol fuel cell”
Purdue University, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (2012 – present)


  • Lotte Chemical, South Korea, Research Engineer (2008 – 2010)
  • Samsung SDI, South Korea, Research Engineer (2010 – 2012)

Project Description

Combination of first principles calculations with classical thermodynamic and kinetic theories can predict micro and macroscopic catalytic properties of materials. To investigate the fundamentals of liquid-solid interface reaction, we use surface science-based techniques and theory of electrochemistry. Specific area of electrochemical reaction is denitrifination (reduction) of NOx.

Due to over-fertilization, the possibly noxious NOx, such as nitrate or nitrite ion, could be accumulated in groundwater, lake, and coastal water and cause serious health risks for human beings. Electrochemical denitrification is one of the promising technologies for removing NOx species because of its environmental compatibility, energy efficiency, safety, and products’ selectivity. The mechanism of NOx reduction on noble metal electrode depends on the NOx concentration in the electrolyte solution, surface structure, coverage and so on. The atomic-scale studies using density functional theory could be the first step in understanding the general scheme of NOx electrocatalysis and will further serve as a starting point for a future trends-based analysis on different transition metal surfaces.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents