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Safety-Related Gifts For The Farm


  • Among some practical gifts to give at Christmas and other occasions are these "life savers" for the house, farmstead buildings, and farm vehicles and equipment.

Gift list

  • Fire extinguishers .
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Safety flares.
  • First-aid kits.
  • Respirators for dust, mold, and chemical protection.
  • Safety goggles for shop work.
  • Slow-moving-vehicle emblems.
  • Sturdy stepstools.
  • Life jackets for boating activities.

Put Safety-Related Gifts on the Christmas List

For those who like to give practical Christmas gifts, here are some timely suggestions. These safety-related items can be termed "life savers."

One such item is a fire extinguisher, which can be used in the house or on tractors, combines or the farm truck. Others on the list:

  • Safety flares;
  • First-aid kits;
  • Respirators for protection against dust or chemicals;
  • Safety goggles for shop work;
  • Slow Moving Vehicle emblems for farm equipment;
  • A good, steady stepstool for use in reaching kitchen cabinets, or a replacement for an old, rickety ladder;
  • New life jackets for the kids for next summer's boating activities;
  • Smoke detectors for the home.

Shoppers should look for quality and safety features in any gifts being selected for Christmas. If you give or get power tools or appliances, make sure you read the manuals and understand how to use the items.

Also be advised that children's toys should be checked closely, especially such gifts as chemical sets and power-operated toys.

Last updated: 18-May-2006 11:08 AM