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Two farmers and child at sunset

Preventing Injuries to Farm Animals


  • Each year, farm animals and pets are involved in thousands of farm injuries, some of which are fatal to them..
  • Most mishaps with animals can be avoided if these safety practices are followed.


  • Have adequate restraining and handling facilities for your animals.
  • Keep these facilities clean and free of tripping hazards.
  • Keep restraining/handling equipment in good condition, repairing them when necessary.
  • Put utensils and tools away after use.
  • Be calm and deliberate with animals, including speaking gently to and not startling or abusing them.
  • Watch out for sudden movements by an animal, such as kicking and bucking.
  • Properly restrain animals that kick or bite.
  • Stay away from animals that are frightened, sick, or look suspicious.
  • Beware of bulls, sows with pigs, and other potentially dangerous animals.
  • Do not allow those with little strength and/or experience (especially children) to perform livestock handling chores.
  • Instruct your children how to treat animals.
  • Warn youngsters not to reach into pens or through fences to pet or feed animals.
Last updated: 18-May-2006 11:08 AM