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Two farmers and child at sunset

No-Rider Rules for Tractor Safety


  • Tractors are for work, not for recreation or hauling people around.
  • A person other than the operator who hop a ride aboard a tractor or trailing equipment can fall off or get caught in the machinery, becoming seriously injured or even killed.


  • As a tractor operator, make "no riders" a consistent policy to follow for yourself and anyone else who uses your tractor.
  • Never give in to pleas for a ride, no matter how much fun it might be for operator or riders.
  • Never let someone else drive your tractor without your permission.
  • Look carefully to make sure no one has climbed aboard the tractor or trailing equipment without your knowledge.
  • Be certain everyone is out of the way before you move.
  • Do not baby-sit and infant while operating a tractor; instead, arrange for suitable childcare if necessary.
  • Transport workers in a car, van, or truck rather than allow them to ride on farm equipment.
  • If your must ride along to instruct or supervise and new operator, choose the safest place to sit or stand and hang on tightly.
Last updated: 18-May-2006 11:08 AM