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Two farmers and child at sunset

Handling Livestock Safely


  • Livestock-related injuries occur frequently on the farm to workers, family members, and visitors alike.
  • Most of these injuries happen when handling the animals.
  • Bulls can be especially dangerous because of their large size, strength, and changing temperament.


  • Since livestock animals are unpredictable, respect their size and speed.
  • Keep alert when working around animals if they are cornered, tired, excited, or have new-borns.
  • Handle all cattle firmly but gently, not roughly or noisily.
  • Design livestock pens and/or handling facilities that allow easy access and exit and that have an emergency exit.
  • Keep children and bystanders out of livestock handling area.
  • Label livestock handling areas to warn visitors away.
  • Be familiar with the common instincts of the animals with which you work—e.g., territorial instincts plus reactions to changes in lighting or shadows, to separation, to sudden or loud noises.
  • Wear safety shoes or boots when handling livestock
  • Use a filter respirator in dusty animal facilities conditions.
Last updated: 18-May-2006 11:08 AM