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Two farmers and child at sunset
Farm Family Safety and Health Workshop  Revised edition



Edward J. Sheldon, M.S.

William E. Field, Ed.D.

Scott D. Whitman, M.S.

Steven A. Freeman, Ph.D.


Steven A. Freeman, Ph.D.

Scott D. Whitman, M.S.

Diana R. Doyle


Heather L. Bamforth

Cover photo:

Larry Lefever from Grant Heilman Photography, Inc.


The authors would like to thank the following individuals for their
contributions to the development of this document: Greg Schnepf,
Caylor-Nickel Research Institute; Dr. Roger Tormoehlen, Purdue
University, Department of 4-H and Youth; Mike Jones, formerly of
Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.; and Janet Kemper, Tippecanoe County,
Indiana, Farm Bureau Safety Coordinator.

The authors also wish to extend thanks to the many individuals who
have contacted Purdue University's Agricultural Safety and Health
Program over the years requesting information and assistance in
organizing agricultural safety and health workshops. Their questions
and requests have not only highlighted the need for a publication of this
type, but have also provided guidance on the topics and issues addressed
in this document.

Most importantly, the authors express appreciation to the many people
and organizations who volunteer their time and resources to share the
important message of farm safety and health with members of their
communities. Their continued efforts are a vital link in helping to
reduce farm related injuries and deaths.

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