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Design Methodology

Design is a decision making process that is best done when both functional criteria and customer related factors are considered concurrently. Design science is an interdisciplinary approach for addressing engineering design problems that cannot be adequately addressed by one discipline. We use design science as a basis for doing our research in engineering and design.

Mechanical Engineering

We integrate engineering concepts and fundamentals most relevant to the problems being addressed.

Engineering Education

We examine ways to enhance engineering and design education with the goal of facilitating learning and finding more effective ways to help engineers be better problem solvers and thinkers.


We use methods from psychology and social sciences to learn more about the most essential aspect of the design process: the people. We are especially interested in problems that impact the “every day” person.

Sensors & Eye-tracking

In addition to methods from psychology, we use various bio-sensors and eye-tracking technology to learn more about the people involved in the design process or impacted by engineering decisions. This includes the engineers, designers, and/or the end-user.