Lab News

July 2021

Dr. Reid Smith along with colleagues, Dr. Carlotta Berry, and Dr. Monica F. Cox accepted the first annual ASEE Constituent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI) Award for their work with other faculty on Black in Engineering and also delivered the Distinguished Lecture with Dr. Christopher Carr.

May 2021

Albin Prince John joins the REID Lab! Welcome Albin!

April 2021

Dr. Reid Smith shared How a professor learned to bring compassion to engineering and design on The Conversation).

August 2020

Dr. Reid Smith is a Visiting Scholar at NASA working with the Convergent Aeronautics Solutions (CAS) Project.

June 2020

Jake Hunter joins the REID Lab! Welcome Jake!

January 2020

Dr. Tahira Reid Smith and Dr. Neera Jain start a research collaboration with Honda Research Institute.

December 2019

A design team from Dr. Reid's Senior Capstone won First Place in the Malott Innovation Competition for their product called "Envie", an Automated Make-Up Brush Cleaning System

October 2019

Dr. Tahira Reid and several colleagues from Purdue and other universities were awarded a $5.5 million National Science Foundation Cyber-Physical Systems grant on Cognitive Autonomy for Human CPS: Turning Novices into Experts.

August 2019

Dr. Tahira Reid delivered a talk with other colleagues for the Design Automation Committee's Keynote at the International Design Engineering Technical Conferences in Anaheim, CA.

January 2019

Dr. Tahira Reid gave a talk called "When Diversity and Engineering Intersect: Adventures in the Research and Engineering and Interdisciplinary Design (REID) Lab" as a guest speaker at the Liu Design Lecture Series at Stanford University

August 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Reid and alum Dr. Joran Booth for winning the 2017 Best Journal Paper Award from the Journal of Mechanical Design.

Congratulations to Dr. Priya Seshadri on her graduation from Purdue University!

July 2018

Wan-Lin's paper, The Effects of Designers' Contextual Experience on the Ideation Process and Design Outcomes was published in the Journal of Mechanical Design.

June 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Reid for winning the 2018 American Society for Engineering Education New Educator Award from the Mechanical Engineering Division.

Priya Seshadri successfully defended her dissertation "Enhancing User Experience: A Multifaceted Approach to Designing Better User Experiences Using Compassionate Design Thinking, Socially Conscious Design and Psychophysiological Measures". Congratulations Priya!

May 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Jaesik Hahn on his graduation from Purdue University!

April 2018

Dr. Reid was approved for tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor by the board of trustees. Congratulations!

March 2018

Jaesik Hahn successfully defended his dissertation "How Heat Affects Human Hair: Thermal Characterization and Predictive Modeling of Flat Ironing Results". Congratulations Jaesik!

November 2017

Dr. Reid was a panelist on the topic "Equity & Design: Impact Design as Inclusive Design" at the Impact Design Education Summit held at UC-Berkeley's Blum Center for Developing Economies.

October 2017

Dr. Reid was awarded with the Integrative System Design (ISD) alumni award at the University of Michigan.

August 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Wan-Lin Hu on her graduation from Purdue University!

July 2017

Wan-Lin Hu successfully defended her dissertation "Quantifying Designer and User Factors in Engineering Design Using Psychophysiological Measurements and Human Responses". Congratulations Wan-Lin!

June 2017

Jaesik Hahn presents a poster entitled "How Heat Spreads through Human Hair: Measuring the Thermal Diffusivity Across Hair Types" at the Textile Research Institute Hair Measurement Symposium in Princeton, NJ

May 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Youyi Bi, Shruti Kizhakkel, M.S. and Tikyna Dandridge, M.S. on their graduation from Mechanical Engineering!

April 2017

Youyi Bi successfully defended his disseration "An Interdisciplinary Approach for Understanding Information Utilization in Engineering and Product Design". Congratulations Youyi!

March 2017

Dr. Tahira Reid gave a talk called "Hair, Trust, and Compassion: The Chutzpah of Integrating Social and Cultural Considerations in Mechanical Engineering and Design" with reflections about her mentor, the late Burt Swersey, and a guest lecture in Inventor's Studio, a course he started at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

Wan-Lin's paper, The Relationship between Design Outcomes and Mental States during Ideation was published in the Journal of Mechanical Design.

February 2017

Youyi's paper, An Exploratory Study on Proposed Sounds for Future Products was accepted in the Noise Control Engineering Journal with minor revisions.

January 2017

Youyi's paper Evaluating Students’ Understanding of Statics Concepts Using Eye Gaze Data was published in the International Journal of Engineering Education.

November 2016

Wan-Lin's paper "The Relationship between Design Outcomes and Mental States during Ideation" was accepted with minor revisions.

Dr. Tahira Reid, Dr. Amy Marconnet and Jaesik Hahn have their work on the heat properties of curly hair featured in National Geographic magazine.

September 2016

Dr. Tahira Reid was one of three people selected from Purdue to participate in the National Academy of Engineering's eighth Frontiers of Engineering Education (FOEE) Symposium

Youyi Bi’s paper “Evaluating Students’ Understanding of Statics Concepts Using Eye Gaze Data” is accepted with minor modifications

Priya Seshadri passes her Preliminary Examination. Congratulations to Priya!!

August 2016

Jaesik Hahn’s paper “Using DIY Practitioners as Lead Users: a Case Study on the Hair Care Industry” is published as a final version

Dr. Tahira Reid presents paper “The Application of the Retrospective Customer Needs Cultural Risk Indicator Method to Soap Dispenser Design for Children in Ethiopia” at 2016 IDETC/CIE in Charlotte, NC

Priya Seshadri presents paper "Evaluations That Matter: Customer Preferences Using Industry-Based Evaluations and Eye-Gaze Data" at 2016 IDETC/CIE in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Joran Booth presents paper “The Design for Additive Manufacturing Worksheet” at 2016 IDETC/CIE in Charlotte, NC

Joran Booth graduates from Purdue University and is now a postdoctoral fellow in the Faboratory with Dr. Rebecca Kramer at Purdue University

July 2016

Youyi Bi is selected as a recipient of the Ward A. Lambert Graduate Teaching Fellowship for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.

May 2016

Jaesik Hahn’s paper “Using DIY Practitioners as Lead Users: a Case Study on the Hair Care Industry” is accepted for Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

April 2016

Joran Booth defends his dissertation “How Pre-Ideation Methods and Skills Affect and Remove Barriers to Ideation” - Congratulations to Joran!

Wan-Lin Hu attends the 21st EEGLAB Workshop in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy

March 2016

Jaesik Hahn presents a poster “Understanding Heat Damage: The Effects of Heat on Curly Hair” at 2016 School of Mechanical Engineering Prospective Graduate Student Visitation Research Posters Session.

Joran Booth's paper called "Interventions for Teaching Sketching Skills and Reducing Inhibition for Novice Engineering Designers" has been accepted in Design Studies!

Dr. Tahira Reid is a plenary session speaker for the topic “The Digital Mechanical Engineer” at the MEED Summit in Tampa, Florida

October 2015

Jaesik Hahn presents a poster “Understanding Heat Damage: The Effects of Heat on Curly Hair” at Poster Session during Birck Nanotechnology Center’s 10th Anniversary.

Dr. Tahira Reid and Dr. Morgan Hynes win an NSF grant

September 2015

Wan-Lin Hu publishes paper on “Application of SHM pattern recognition to assess decision making of humans in the loop” at International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, IWSHM 2015

Dr. Neera Jain and Dr. Tahira Reid win an NSF grant

August 2015

Youyi Bi presents paper on “Understanding the Utilization of Information Stimuli in Design Decision Making Using Eye Gaze Data” at 2015 IDETC/CIE

Joran Booth presents a paper on “Functional Decomposition Methods in Original Design Tasks” at 2015 IDETC/CIE

Wan-Lin Hu presents paper on “Reducing Sketch Inhibition During Concept Generation: Psychophysiological Evidence of the Effect of Interventions” at 2015 IDETC/CIE

Jaesik Hahn and Dr. Tahira Reid present paper on “Integrating Design Methodology, Thermal Sciences, and Customer Needs to Address Challenges in the Haircare Industry” at 2015 IDETC/CIE

Jaesik Hahn, Dr. Amy Marconnet and Dr. Tahira Reid’s work appear in Smithsonian Magazine, NPR, Washington Post, ASME Smartbrief and many others.

July 2015

Priya Seshadri presents paper on "Novice Engineers’ Predisposition to Compassionate Design" at International Conference on Engineering and Design (ICED 2015), Milan, Italy

June 2015

Wan-Lin Hu publishes paper on “Dynamic Data Driven Approach for Modeling Human Error” at ICCS 2015 International Conference On Computational Science

May 2015

Youyi Bi passes his Preliminary Examination. Congratulations to Youyi!!

Wan-Lin Hu passes her Preliminary Examination. Congratulations to Wan-Lin!!

Wan-Lin Hu wins a conference travel grant.

Jaesik Hahn converts from Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering to Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering.

Priya Seshadri is going for an internship to General Motors R&D, Warren, MI.

August 2014

Tikyna Dandridge joins the REID Lab!

July 2014

Priya Seshadri passes her Area Examinations.

June 2014

Youyi Bi presents paper on “Understanding Students’ Process for Solving Engineering Problems Using Eye Gaze Data” at 2014 ASEE Annual Conference.

Priya Seshadri presents on “A Framework for Fostering Compassionate Design Thinking During the Design Process” at 2014 ASEE Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN

March 2014

Wan-Lin Hu presents poster on “Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Sensing Muscle Exertion During Physical Activities Using EDA” at HFES 2014 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care, Chicago, IL

February 2014

Youyi Bi presents his research on “The Use of Eye-tracking during Engineering Problem Solving Tasks” in the DLRC Symposium at Purdue University.

Jaesik Hahn presents a poster “How Often Can I Use My Flat Iron? An Engineering Design Approach for Studying the Relationship between Heat and Human Hair” in Let’s Talk about Hair! Black Symposium at Purdue University and receives Honorable Mention.

May 2013

Jaesik Hahn receives Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and enrolls in Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

February 2013

Youyi Bi passes his Area Examinations.

Wan-Lin Hu passes her Area Examinations.

January 2013

Priya Seshadri joins the REID Lab!

August 2012

Youyi Bi joins the REID Lab!

Jaesik Hahn joins the REID lab!

July 2012

Joran Booth joins the REID Lab!

January 2012

Wan-Lin Hu joins the REID lab!