ME 263 - Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Credit Hours: 3.00. The product design process. Development of product design specifications using customer inputs, benchmarking, product/market research and patent review. Concept generation and evaluation using brainstorming, functional decomposition, modeling and decision matrices. Detailed product design including assembly, economic analysis, CAD, and bill of materials. Oral and written design reviews. Key skills developed include teamwork, communication, project planning, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship. Typically offered: Fall Spring.

ME 463 - Engineering Design

Credit Hours: 3.00. Application of the design process to the design of various engineering components and systems. Mathematical modeling in design is emphasized. Design problems from all areas of mechanical engineering are considered. Typically offered: Fall Spring Summer.

ME 497 - Design & Entrepreneurship

Credit Hours: 3.00. Independent course for students from ME 263 or others to take promising ideas to market. Typically offered: Special permission of the instructor.

ME 697 - Topics in Engineering Design Science (TEDS)

Credit Hours: 1.00. The aim of the course is to acquaint graduate students with the diverse set of research activities within engineering design and the scholarship of design science. The course will meet bi-weekly to discuss relevant topics and emerging themes within the field. Meetings will consist of a mix of speakers and panels from within and external to the university followed in-depth discussions and other activities. The course will provide an opportunity for students to identify appropriate dissertation topics, and build a community. Typically offered: Spring Co-taught with Jitesh Panchal.