AI and Nuclear Power Systems with Lefteri Tsoukalas

Author: Destiny White, a junior in Nuclear Engineering (Host)
PodbeanID: duez6-e9107d
Episode: 15
PodbeanTitle: AI and Nuclear Power Systems with Lefteri Tsoukalas
In this episode highlighting Nuclear Engineering, we meet Professor Lefteri Tsoukalas, a professor in Nuclear engineering and a renowned scholar on deep neural networks. He’ll be sharing insights on how artificial intelligence is being integrated into nuclear power systems and nuclear security.

Tsoukalas is recipient of the Humboldt Prize and an internationally renowned expert in signal processing algorithms applied to nuclear materials detection and non-proliferation, smart sensor development and advanced measurement techniques. He has extensive experience as a safeguards engineer and as a nuclear instrumentation and controls specialist and has served in several advisory and consulting positions for national and international regulatory agencies. He has more than 25 years of accumulated experience as project manager of competitively funded projects sponsored, among others, by NNSA, NRC, DOD, DOE and EPRI. His research covers both experimental and model development studies, signal processing techniques, including cutting edge multi-variant statistical methods, Gaussian processes for background estimation, wavelet analysis and Hilbert-Huang transforms.

This is one of four episodes featuring Purdue University's Nuclear Engineering. Listen to more about Nuclear Engineering and others engineering topics at the Purdue Engineering podcast website

Special thanks to Destiny White, our guest host for this podcast.  Destiny is a junior in nuclear engineering at Purdue University. Throughout her three years, she has participated in activities ranging from rowing to nuclear security research. She currently serves as the founder and president of Minorities in Nuclear Engineering and Sciences (MINES), the treasurer of Purdue’s American Nuclear Society chapter, and a teaching assistant for the honors engineering program. Her current career aspiration is to work with uranium chemistry and safeguards inspection.