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PUR-1 Nuclear Reactor with Clive Townsend

Hosted by Destiny White, a junior in Nuclear Engineering (Host)

Clive Townsend is the reactor supervisor for PUR-1, Purdue University’s Reactor 1, and is responsible for its safe operation, assuring that all operations are conducted in a safe manner and within the limits prescribed by the facility license.

In this episode, Townsend shares his experience in helping to manage Indiana's only nuclear reactor and the first nuclear reactor in the United States to have all digital instrumentation and controls.  We'll also learn what is unique about PUR-1 and how it is used for teaching, research, and outreach at Purdue.  

Learn more about Purdue University's Reactor 1 and view a photo gallery and video of PUR-1

This is one of four episodes featuring Purdue University's Nuclear Engineering. Listen to more about Nuclear Engineering and other engineering topics at the Purdue Engineering podcast website.

Special thanks to Destiny White, our guest host for this podcast.  Destiny is a junior in nuclear engineering at Purdue University. Throughout her three years, she has participated in activities ranging from rowing to nuclear security research. She currently serves as the founder and president of Minorities in Nuclear Engineering and Sciences (MINES), the treasurer of Purdue’s American Nuclear Society chapter, and a teaching assistant for the honors engineering program. Her current career aspiration is to work with uranium chemistry and safeguards inspection. 


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