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Our research group is looking for a people from a variety of disciplines to join our team. Part-time and full-time research, postdoctoral research, consultant, and hourly employment opportunities are available. Due to the number of requests that I receive, I cannot promise space in the lab or an assistantship to any student before having direct interactions and conducting a personal interview. These interactions will give me opportunities to understand students' interests and their alignment with our group. Members of the research group also will assist in the selection process for new members of our group.  

If you are interested in a position, e-mail a copy of your CV or resume along with a cover letter describing your interest in a position to Dr. Cox at mfc@purdue.edu.



Pedagogical Evaluation Laboratory
School of Engineering Education, Purdue University
701 West Stadium, ARMS 1329, West Lafayette, IN 47907
Tel: 765-496-3461 | Fax: 765-494-5819 | Email: mfc@purdue.edu