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  Background Information about L-THIA


About L-THIA

Why do a long-term hydrologic impact assessment?

How L-THIA works

Limitations of L-THIA Development and Applications of L-THIA

How L-THIA estimate NPS using EMC

L-THIA Fact Sheet


  Technical Information

Runoff Basics

SCS Curve Number Method

TR-55 - Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds

Non-Point Source (NPS) Pollution

Hydrologic Soil Groups

Field Evaluation of Permeable Pavements for Storm Water Management
pdf document

Street Storage for Combined Sewer Surcharge Control
pdf document

Low Impact Development (LID)
pdf document

Low Impact Development Hydrologic Analysis
pdf document


    Analyzing Results


Interpreting model results

Case Studies


  For additional information, contact:  
 Bernie Engel, Purdue University  email: engelb@purdue.edu
Larry Theller, Purdue University  email: hancocb@purdue.edu
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