The Zhao research group is part of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. Our research theme is focused on mechanics and material chemistry using experimentation and multi-scale modeling approach. Research interests include:

  • Elements of mechanics such as deformation, stress, plasticity, fracture.
  • Elements of electrochemistry such as mass transport, charge transfer, interfacial reaction, and phase transformation.
  • In-situ experiments.
  • Multiscale modeling, first-principles, molecular dynamics, and finite element modeling.
  • Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries, all-solid-state batteries.
  • Organic electrochromics, organic electrochemical transistors, superelastic organic semiconductors.

We are grateful for the sponsorship of College of Engineering at Purdue University, ASME, 3M, NSF, ONR, and DOE.

We are grateful for the sponsorship of College of Engineering at Purdue University, ASME, 3M, NSF, and ONR.

    Recent news (more...)

  • Jiaxiu's work on electrochemistry-damage is published in Journal of Power Sources. Congratulations to Jiaxiu and Nikhil!
  • The collaborative work with Dr. Li and Dr. Liu on asynchronous domain dynamics is accepted in Nature Communications. Congratulations to Nikhil!
  • Nikhil successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations to Dr. Sharma!
  • Jiaxiu passed the prelim exam and became a PhD candidate, congratulations to Jiaxiu! Sameep's co-led work on injection induced pain in the skin microenvironment was accepted in EML without any revision! Congratulations to Sameep and Prof. Han's team!
  • Dr. Zhao is promoted to Professor of Mechanical Engineering, congratulations to the Zhao group!
  • Xiaokang successfully defended his PhD thesis on "Mechanics in organic mixed ionic-electronic conductors", congratulations to Dr. Wang!
  • Sameep presented "Mechanics informed transport phenomena in energy storage and tissue engineering" and passed the prelim examination, congratulations to Sameep!
  • Dr. Zhao presented an invited talk on heterogeneity and dynamics of composite electrodes at MRS. Xiaokang's paper on organic mixed conductors is accepted in JMPS, congratulations to Xiaokang!
  • Congratulations to Xiaokang on receiving the prestigious R. H. Kohr Graduate Student Fellowship, and Congratulations to Nikhil on receiving the prestigious Ben M. Hillberry Graduate Scholarship! Both scholarships are selected annually among the graduate students in ME.
  • Dr. Zhao visited and gave a seminar in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UConn. Thanks Prof. Kang for the host! Xiaokang won the poster award in the Notre Dame-Purdue symposium on soft matter & polymers, Congratulations to Xiaokang! Nikhil's work on nanoindentation measurements of anisotropic mechanical properties of single crystalline NMC cathodes is accepted in EML, Congratulations to Nikhil!
  • Dr. Zhao presented invited talks at the MMM conference, organic battery days meeting, and SES conference in Octorber. Jiaxiu's co-first authored paper on surface coating by mechanofusion for Ni-rich cathode is accepted in PNAS! Congratulations on the teamwork with Prof. Lin and Dr. Liu!
  • Our group receives a NSF grant to work on mechanics of organic mixed conductors! We are grateful for the support!
  • Dr. Zhao's course ME597 Solid Mechanics I is offered online in every fall semester now. Check out the syllabus.