2021.10.7: Xianyang successfully passed his thesis defense, Congratulations!

Xianyang defense

2021.09.06: Happy to see the young faces in 3D! Group hiking&BBQ at France Park

group hiking 1 group hiking 2

2021.01.19: What a special gift in the first day of school! Thanks Luize and Hong!

a special gift

2020.12.9: A group ceremony to Dr. Sun and Dr. Vasconcelos

group ceremony 1 group ceremony 2

2020.12.1: Luize successfully defended her thesis, Congratulations!

Luize defense 1 Luize defense 2

2020.11.6: Dr. Zhao gave a light talk on his career path as part of Celebrating Our Associate Professors in COE. Link Here


2020.09.17: Hong successfully defended her thesis, Congratulations!

Hong's defense-1 Luize defense 2

2020.08.22: We went for a hiking in Shades National Park.

0822-1 0822-2

2020.06.07: Nikhil and Luize organized a virtual group party, super fun!

virtual party

2020.04.03: A special moment in COVID-19 quarantine: the group sent followers and wine to celebrate Kejie's promotion

04.03_1 04.03_2

2019.12.01: On the EnSM Young Scientist Award reception.


2019.11.01: Luize received the check for Best paper award. Thank you for buying us a nice dinner!

group dinner