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Official NASA pictures are available
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Mike and Anu's (and super-woman's) Flight

Jonathan and Kim's Flight

Team Purdue getting acquainted in Texas

In Texas, somewhere near Ellington Field
Boiler Up!
Jonathan in 1986, dreaming of space

Training with Oxygen Masks

Mike and Anu the night before their flight
We were pleasured to a tour inside NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. It is a
120' by 210' by 40' pool for training astronauts.

Kim, Jonathan, Anu and Roy





A portion of the International Space Station
We loaded the airplane the day before.

Final preparations

Mike setting up the airplane

Jonathan trying out the straps

Ready to fly
"He's leaving, on a jet plane..."  
Anu, Kim and Mike presented to local schools and we recruited a class to create their own experiment for us to do on the airplane.
Jackson HS Presentation Mike and Kim Students at the high school


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