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LA Times Front Page

Tthe LA Times reporter who followed us published the story on 9/15/04. It is not specifically about our project, but the NASA program in general. Our research is mentioned as well. Read Floating Free and Queasy here (pdf format).

Final Report Available

Here is a link to our final report (pdf format). It provides the results of our experiment as well as the planned outreach activities.

NASA's program is called the "Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunity Program" (R.G.S.F.O.P. for ...short)

Every summer since the mid 90's NASA has offered this program. Currently several hundred students participate in it every year. I highly recommend it, their official site is microgravityuniversity.jsc.nasa.gov.

Teams of U.S. Citizens who are undergraduates submit a proposal for microgravity research in October. That is a very big undertaking. Our 2003-04 proposal is here. (It will open in a new window). We also raised several thousand in funds from corporations and our schools. An advisor is very helpful as well.

If you can get lots of community endorsements (like schools and museums who want you to speak at when you are done) it will help you. We also got some former Astronauts to endorse it since Purdue has many of them.

In December we found out we were approved.

We started our project in January and early spring we had to turn in a TEDP. This is similar to a proposal, although there are more details to describe regarding the experiment itself. Our 2003-04 TEDP is here.

You need to fill out paperwork, and even get a flight physical. Your experiment must work, and be tested before going down here. You spend a week in Houston in the spring or summer and then must write a paper summarizing your discoveries.

If you want to do try this program, sign up for check out the microgravityuniversity.jsc.nasa.gov application page.

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