Neerav Kharche

Transport characteristics of SiGe nanowires

Transport characteristics of SiGe nanowires Neerav Kharche, Mathieu Luisier, Timothy Boykin, Gerhard Klimeck


  • Study electron transport in SiGe alloy nanowires using two approaches
  • Supercell electronic structure
  • NEGF
  • Provide better understanding of transport characteristics by correlating the characteristics from both formalisms


  • Strain relaxation: VFF-Keating model
  • Bandstructure: Unfold supercell eigen-spectrum
  • Transmission and DOS: NEGF


  • Transmission turn-ons can be accurately predicted from unfolded supercell bands
  • Transmission peaks arise from localized DOS
  • Traditional VCA approximation is unable to model these effects
  • Publication in [J93]

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