Yui-Hong Matthias Tan

Yui-Hong Matthias Tan's Biography

Yui-Hong Matthias Tan started his PhD in Prof. Klimeck’s group in 2011. His research focuses on atomistic modeling of silicon phosphorus based quantum computing architectures and electron transport in ultra-scaled semiconductor devices.

Matthias received his German Dipl.-Ing. engineering degree in electrical engineering from Ruhr-Universität Bochum in 2010. He completed his diploma thesis on optical emission spectra in semiconductor quantum dots in Prof. Klimeck’s group at Purdue.

Matthias has also worked in experimental laser optics at the German Max-Planck-Institutes, in memory technology R&D at Intel in Silicon Valley and in management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group in Munich. His research is funded by an NSF fellowship and the German National Academic Foundation.