Daniel Mejia

Daniel Mejia's Biography

Daniel Mejia is a Colombian who received his bachelor degree on Systems and Computer Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes at Bogotá-Colombia on 2002, and his master degree on Engineering from the same University on 2004. In this year He started his PhD studies; being part of IMAGINE group; until 2005 when He joined the industry.

During this period of time his research was focused on Virtual reality, Human-Machine interaction, and graphical programming.

From 2004 to 2009 he was a lecturer at Universidad de los Andes, and from 2005 to 2010 he worked as Information Technology Manager at Dayscript (Bogotá, Colombia), during this period of time he was involved in the development of the CMS Dayware and different web portals (Golgolgol.net, Colfuturo, Fulbright Colombia, etc...)

On the summer of 2011, Daniel started his PhD at Purdue University and joined the Klimeck's research group. He is a former board officer in the Colombian Student Asociation at Purdue (CSAP) (2011-2013)

During his tenure in the Klimeck group he is working on the following research projects:

Nemo5 Development:

  • Compilation of Nemo5 on multiple architectures: Mac (OSX, macports), Windows (cygwin, real-petsc only) , linux-static (ubuntu, fedora), nanohub, and support on standard architectures: linux (ubuntu), RCAC clusters(carter,rossman,...), cray systems (Jaguar/Titan, Kraken, BlueWaters).[Instructions]
  • Speed optimization of Hamiltonian-constructor (code optimization + memory reusability).
  • Improving Nemo5 control files. [PDF][PPT]
  • Extending Nemo5 capabilities using Python.[PDF][PPT]
  • Time/Memory tracking features on Nemo5.[PDF][PPT]
  • Online Tool to support creation of Nemo5 Input Decks.[PDF][PPT]
  • Nemo5 Graphical User Interface (GUI) Nemui. [PDF][PPT][M4V], Nemo Server[PDF]
  • Nemo5 Documentation.[PDF][PPT]
  • wxVTK modification to support GTK3 [ZIP][CXX][H]

Summer School:

  • Extending Nemo 5 using Python scripting. [PDF][VIDEO]