Improving STEM Education via NLP, Visualization, and Mobile Interfaces

CourseMIRROR (Mobile In-situ Reflections and Review with Optimized Rubrics) is an interdisciplinary research project by researchers in Educational Psychology, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). CourseMIRROR explores the use of reflection prompts, natural language processing, and mobile interfaces to improve STEM education in large classrooms. 


Faculty:  Graduate Students: Alumni:
  • Dr. Wencan Luo, currently at Google, LLC, formerly did Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh.
  • Dr. Xiangmin Fan, currently at Chinese Academy of Sciences, formerly did Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh.

Funding Resources

Since 2014, the CourseMIRROR project has been funded by the following grants:
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