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Study Abroad

Study abroad with Construction Engineering and Management.

CEM students have opportunities to travel overseas to experience working in international environments, including studying or working abroad.

CEM students have studied or worked in Ecuador, Norway, New Zealand, and other places around the world.

CEM has a strong partnership with the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and has created a study abroad opportunity designed specifically for our students. Additional opportunities are available to students through Purdue’s general study or work abroad programs.

New Zealand Study Abroad

There are several opportunities for students to study abroad.

While the University of Canterbury in New Zealand is the only formalized study abroad program designed by CEM, there are plenty of other opportunities available to our students.

Office of Programs for Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Programs for Study Abroad to explore all opportunities available through Purdue University—and not specifically CEM.

Students wishing to study abroad through a school other than University of Canterbury must apply through the study abroad office and be accepted into that specific program.

All courses taken abroad must be validated by Purdue’s Study Abroad Office and CEM to ensure the correct courses are taken to stay on track for graduation.

Short-Term Study Abroad

Short-term study abroad opportunities are also available through Purdue. CEM students can join the EPICS Ecuador team, which works closely with a community in Lumbisi, Ecuador on engineering projects aimed at enhancing the everyday lives of the community members.

Office of Global Engineering Programs

There are also many opportunities available through the Office of Global Engineering Programs. The GEP office offers study abroad, work abroad, and global development team opportunities.

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Study abroad with Purdue’s Construction Engineering and Management program.