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Industry Partners

Our industry partners develop versatile engineers from the ground up.

There are a number of ways you can make a difference in the lives of our students and the entire CEM program.

The industry is demanding innovative engineers who have the skills to manage people as well as the ability to design and manage projects.

Traditional engineering programs aren’t meeting industry demands because they continue to only focus on project design and management skills. Because of this, the construction industry demanded more and the CEM program was founded.

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Our corporate partners influence, develop, and sustain a construction engineering program that makes a global impact.

To meet the demands of industry, the CEM curriculum is around 80% construction engineering and 20% management courses—and our classes are taught by industry experts who bring their own real-world experiences to the classroom.

The curriculum, coupled with strong leadership from our industry partners, is a tremendous benefit to young engineers. Now, students gain strategic knowledge and experience before they enter the workforce.

CEM is a global leader in construction engineering that produces engineers who are proficient in all aspects of project development, execution, and leadership.

Providing the construction industry with engineering leaders requires deep experiential learning through industry partners. These partnerships are intended to enhance classroom education through hands-on, real-world experience.

Because our engineering degree program was built by the construction industry, we:

  • Respond to the needs of the industry
  • Involve practitioners in the CEM program
  • Provide quality graduates that can make a global impact

Learn how you can be part of influencing and developing the next generation of construction engineers.

We develop versatile engineers who have the skills to manage people as well as the ability to design and manage projects.

In 1976, our construction engineering degree program was built from the ground up by the industry. This means that we respond to industry needs and develop versatile engineers who can solve complex challenges and can lead and manage both people and projects.

Connect with CEM Students and Graduates

Employers interested in hiring Purdue Construction Engineering and Management students can register with our online database.

Following registration, companies can request to set up on-campus interviews and access student resumes. Students can also access company postings, sign up for interviews, and post resumes online.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Bring your expertise, insights, and real-world experiences into the CEM classroom.

Construction practitioners are frequently invited to give seminars or to speak to CEM students about construction-related topics.

Additionally, we retain a CEM Advisory Board, which consists of industry representatives who participate in focused curriculum reviews. They also help to modernize and improve our course offerings and content to reflect and respond to the needs of the construction industry.

Our students can learn through your insights, experiences, and leadership. Please connect with us to learn how you can make an impact in our classrooms.

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Thank you for teaching, mentoring, and guiding the next generation of construction engineers.