The ViPER Laboratory

Established in January 2014, the ViPER laboratory serves as Purdue University's premier, self-contained center for battery fabrication and testing. Our next-generation materials are developed using the most cutting-edge synthesis techniques, such as ultrasonic, hydrothermal, and solid-state synthesis. Our battery laminates are produced using the most accurate and precise equipment in a carefully-designed fabrication process drawing upon our combined 20+ year experience in the field. Battery cells are constructed within the ultra-pure isolated inert atmosphere of a VAC NEXUS II glovebox. Finally, the electrochemistry of our materials are thoroughly studied in a variety of tests including cyclic voltammetry (CV), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), and cycling/rate performance.


Vacuum Atmospheres Company Nexus II Glovebox System

Electrochemical Testing

Arbin Instruments 64-Channel Battery Cycler

ESPEC BTZ Environmental Chamber

Gamry Instruments Reference 600 Electrochemical Workstation

Neware 8-Channel Battery Cycler

Synthesis Equipment

Sonics & Materials Inc Ultrasonic Processor

MTI High Temperature Tube Furnace

Parr Instruments Hydrothermal Autoclave Systems

Battery Fabrication

MTI Automatic Film Coater

MTI Hydraulic Cell Crimper

IRM Tabletop Rolling Mill

Sartorius Cubis Analytical Balance

Mettler-Toledo XS105 Dual Range Analytical Balance

Sartorius Quintix Precision Balance

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