How to Apply

Step 1: Attend the Co-Op Callout or Contact your Co-Op Coordinator

Click here for instructions on how to sign up before/after Callout

If you meet the academic qualifications, a letter inviting you to apply may be sent to you at your campus address at the end of the first semester, depending on your school/discipline. This letter will invite you to attend the Co-Op Callout or meeting held early in the spring semester (January). If you do not receive an invitation, contact your Co-Op Coordinator for details on the Co-Op program.

You will begin working with the Co-Op Coordinator in your particular school/discipline, who will act as a liaison between you, the employer, and Purdue. Your Coordinator will assist you in job location and scheduling, provide course and career counseling, and possibly visit you ar your Co-Op job location. You will be referred to university-approved cooperative employers by your Coordinator.

Step 2: Complete the Co-Op Student Application / Resume

Directions for accessing the online application and resume templates will be provided at the Co-Op Call out AND/OR by your Co-Op Coordinator.  Students who decide to apply will agree to abide by the policy statements and summary of responsibilities:

Click here on the Co-Op application and read through the agreement.  At the bottom of the agreement, click on 'Apply to become a Purdue Professional Practice student' and you'll be directed to the log-on screen.  Sign on using your student ID in both the Account Name and Password field.  Complete your application and upload your PDF resume.

Step 3: Find an Employer

Students who qualify arrange interviews through their Co-Op Coordinator with University-approved employers. Interviews may take place on campus or at the employer's place of business, according to the employer's needs. Many interviews take place during Professional Practice Days. The Co-Op Coordinator then works closely with both student and employer to set up a work program relevant to the student's needs.