Professional Practice Days

Professional Practice Days is the recruiting event held every February on campus. This event is the best time to hire Co-Op students because the largest pool of prospective recruits is available at that time. Two days are scheduled for interviewing with qualified Co-Op employers with the new class of prospective Co-Op students. These students will be available for work periods beginning the following summer or fall semester.

A high percentage of our prospective Co-Ops (about 75%) are placed through Professional Practice Days.

Employers interested in interviewing students during Professional Practice Interview Days must have completed the qualification process by October of the previous year. In November, all qualified employers will receive details about Professional Practice Days registration. Employers must make a firm commitment by December in order to participate in Professional Practice Days in February of the following year.

Other Co-Op Recruiting

If you wish to recruit Co-Op students at any other time, login to the Co-Op Job Opportunities website using the login and password that was sent to you. You can use this site to view or change job postings submitted by your company, and to post new jobs for Co-Op students. (If you did not receive a login/password, please contact us at 765-494-7430)

If you have trouble accessing the site, make sure that there isn't a firewall between your computer and our site.

You may post your job opportunities at any time, but the most productive times to interview students are April and October.

For a listing of Career Fairs visit the Center for Career Opportunities.

Professional Practice Days 2014 - Sign Up

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