Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE)

A Comprehensive Study & Intern Abroad Program for Engineering Students

What if you could travel the world while still working on your Purdue engineering degree? What if you could confront design problems in the global context from which they evolve? What if you could study with the best engineers at the best engineering schools around the world?

By participating in GEARE, you can...

  • See the world
  • Experience life at a global corporation
  • Learn diverse approaches to engineering
  • Learn about world cultures as you share yours
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Earn a Global Engineering Studies Minor

GEARE is a unique program designed to supplement the education of engineers so they are prepared to function immediately in the global workplace. The program was created by the College of Engineering at Purdue University



Program Components

Students in the program participate in:

  • 12 credit hours of college-level foreign language from these 5 languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish
  • Five mandatory GEARE cohort meetings
  • One domestic internship/research experience; all students should register for a 0-credit internship course ($400 registration fee)
  • An orientation course (Fall semester before departure) designed to ensure success in international study and internship assignments
  • One semester-long study abroad program
  • One international internship/research experience from their sponsor company
  • A global design team experience
  • A GEARE poster session before graduation

Program Costs

Your costs will be approximately equivalent to the normal tuition and fees at Purdue University. A travel grant may be available from OPP that will help subsidize for your travel and living expenses overseas. Internship abroad can either be salary-based or credit-based, depending on the company.

Applications and Deadlines

The GEARE schedule is designed to receive applications during the first year, but can accommodate students with language qualifications in the sophomore year.

GEARE students should target to go overseas during the spring semester and summer session of the junior year of the engineering curriculum, so time-to-graduation is not impacted. A 1-credit hour pre-departure seminar is offered during the Fall semester before travel.


GEARE Corporate Partners: