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  1. (Java) Netbeans programming interface, version control, drawing and handling events. slides, video (14:02), code.
  2. (Java) Tracking mouse movement and bouncing ball. slides, video (8:59), code.
  3. (C++) Qt graphical user interface: drawing and handling events. slides, video (15:57), code.
  4. (Java) Unified Modeling Language using Netbeans. slides, video (1:24).
  5. (Java and C++) Container classes' performance. slides, video (7:38), code.
  6. (Java) Applet. applet, slides, video (5:34), code.
  7. (Java and C++) Multithread, convert C++ to Java. exercise07.cpp.
  8. (Java and C++) Multithread, convert Java to C++. exercise08.java.
  9. (Java and C++) Networking. slides, video (10:20), code.
  10. (Java or C++) Profile and Coverage.