vision.htm North Central Superpave Center
Combined State Binder Group Round Robin

Recent and Current Activities, updated August 2008


  • Development of High RAP Content Mix Guidelines and Informational Documents
  • RAP Plant Mix Study
  • Use of RAP in Surface Courses
  • Quiet Pavement Study
  • Long Term Performance of a Porous Friction Course
  • Collaboration with the Institute for Safe, Quiet and Durable Highways (SQDH)
  • Investigating the Feasibility of Integrating Pavement Friction and Texture Depth Data in Pavement Management
  • Use of RAP in Surface Courses
  • Identification of Laboratory Techniques to Optimize Superpave HMA Surface Friction Characteristics
Technology Transfer
  • Member of FHWA Recycling Expert Task Group
  • Articles/Papers/Television:
    --Current Science
    --Roads and Bridges
    --History Channel, Modern Marvels, "Superhighways"
  • Presentations on Recycling:
    --Kansas Asphalt Paving Conference
    --Rocky Mountain Asphalt User Producer Group
    --NAPA Energy Conservation Conference
    --Wisconsin Asphalt Paving Conference
    --Indiana Asphalt Paving Conference
    --New York State Asphalt Conference
  • Other Presentations:
    --Bradley Conference
    --Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference
    --Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference
    --New Zealand Sustainability Conference
Technical Support
  • RAP characterization for contractor mix design
  • Requests for technical information, advice and consulting
  • Field Noise Testing
  • Participant in FHWA Sponsored Tire/Pavement Noise Symposia and Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Building polisher, providing support for Maryland State Highway Administration
  • Tack Coat Texture Testing
  • Seal Coat Texture and Permeability Testing
  • Collaboration with NCAT


  • RAP in mix design classes
  • RAP video
  • RAP Expert Task Group (ETG) efforts