index.htm North Central Superpave Center
Combined State Binder Group Round Robin

The NCSC serves nine states and two Canadian provinces by acting as a Superpave and HMA information clearinghouse; performing test equipment and protocol evaluations, ruggedness, precision and bias testing; conducting research of local, regional, national and international interest; planning and presenting training programs; and more.

Two branches of the NCSC were established to serve the needs of the region.

The Mixture Branch of the NCSC is located at INDOT's Office of Research and Development in West Lafayette, in close proximity to Purdue University. This branch serves as the main headquarters of the NCSC. To assist with research and development work, the Mixture Branch is equipped with binder and aggregate test equipment, basic mix testing equipment and advanced mixture analysis tools including the Superpave Shear Tester (SST), Indirect Tensile Tester (IDT), Superpave Performance Test (SPT) and more. The NCSC Mixture Branch participates in AMRL Proficiency Testing and is AASHTO accredited since January 2010.

The Binder Branch is located at INDOT's Office of Materials Management in Indianapolis. Two sets of binder equipment, including different brands of Dynamic Shear Rheometers (DSR), Pressure Aging Vessels (PAV) and Bending Beam Rheometers (BBR), make this an ideal training facility. The Binder Branch is AMRL accredited in the areas of binder, asphalt mixtures and aggregates. The Binder Branch also participates in round robin testing with the Combined State Binder Group.