Project Selection for students taking ME463 in Fall 2020

Students may choose one of three project types:

  1. Industry-sponsored
  2. Student-initiated
  3. Research-sponsored

All types may be pre-arranged (determined before class registration)

For Fall 2020 Graduates - Details on how to pre-arrange a project can be found here --> Fall 2020 Graduates Pre-Arranged Project Information

For Spring 2021 Graduates (taking ME463 in Fall 2020) - Details on how to pre-arrange a project can be found here --> Spring 2021 Graduates Pre-Arranged Project Information

If you don't wish to pre-arrange, or are unable, you will register for the course as you normally would any other course and then work with your ME463 lab instructor at the start of the semester to get assigned to a project and a team.

ALL projects must satisfy the course Project Selection Criteria.

Industry Sponsored Projects

Industry-sponsored projects come form two sources:

  1. Sponsorships arranged with a student's intern/co-op employer
  2. Returning sponsors

Sponsorships arranged by students are historically more rewarding and beneficial to the students because the students have familiarity with the company and potentially have more interest in the project. Information on setting up an Industry Sponsored project can be found in the "Pre-Arranged Projects Information" files linked above.

You may also find the files below helpful when discussing a potential sponsorship with your employer.

Contact Todd Nelson at with questions or to set-up a sponsorship.

Projects from returning sponsors are set-up by the Senior Design administrators and made available for students to join before the start of the semester.

Registration Information: If you'd like to work on an industry-sponsored project, but were not pre-approved prior to registration, we hope to have some projects that need additional team members before the start of the semester. We will post more information here closer to registration (~mid-March).

Student-initiated Projects

Student-initiated projects are projects that stem from ideas presented by ME463 students before the semester begins. To request approval for such a project, it must meet the selection criteria below and the Submission Form must be submitted as instructed.

Contact Dr. Jensen at with questions.

Prearranged Project Schedule for Fall 2019
  • Jan. 27: Information Session
  • Jan. 29: Deadline to submit Industry and Research sponsorship nominations
  • Feb. 23: Deadline to submit student project ideas to
  • Mar. 1: Student initiated projects approved/denied.
  • Mar. 4: Projects seeking additional team members will be posted below.
  • Mar. 11: Project teams set
  • Mar. 23: Early Registration begins

Fall 2020 Student-Initiated Projects Looking for Team Members

  1. Autonomous Snow Blower. Contact Moe Sakamoto (
  2. Artificial Pollination System. Contact Daniel Romano (

Once you have been accepted to join one of these projects, email Dr. Jensen at and indicate the name of the project.

Fall 2020 Industry-sponsored Projects Looking for Team Members.

The below companies have committed to sponsoring a one semester project for the Fall, but the specific project will not be determined until the Summer. If you have a full team (5-6 students) that wish to sign-up for a project before class registration, send the full team list with email addresses to Todd Nelson ( no later than March 11th. If you don't have a full team but are interested in an industry-sponsored project, you can follow normal registration procedures to enroll in the lab section that will meet WF 12:30-2:20p (CRN 20176-014). The goal is to fill this section with industry-sponsored projects, but there is no guarantee. If we don't have enough industry projects for all the students in the section, students will be asked to come up with their own student-initiated project during the first week of the semester.

  1. American Innovation (

For Others

Faculty and others interested in proposing a project should look over the student prearranged project info and Project Selection Criteria. For further information, contact Dr. Jensen at