Course Description

Engineering Design is the senior-level capstone design course of the ME curriculum. Students work in teams to engineer practical solutions to problems.

Starting from a problem statement, the students investigate the reasons for the problem, and what others have done to solve it. They create and analyze new and better solutions to the problem (from concept level to detailed level). They build and test a prototype of their solution.

Student groups are formed under the leadership of a primary instructor, who is responsible for oversight of the group work, and assigning grades. Some groups seek technical advice from other advisors, such as other faculty members, professional staff members, or experts outside of the campus community. Some groups also have outside sponsors that may be from industry or from within the campus community.

This guided experience brings closure to the undergraduate ME curriculum by integrating previous course competencies with team and communication skills in this problem-solving course.

Course Contact Information

Dr. C. Greg Jensen - Senior Design Director

ME 2195

Mike Sherwood - PEARL Lab Manager

ME 1180