Student Activities

RISE: Robotics and Intelligent Systems Expo (April 15, 2023)

The conference will be hosted by Autonomous Robotics Club of Purdue and ICON, which will be dedicated to exhibiting the newest innovations in robotics and autonomy from Purdue undergraduate and graduate students, will serve as a convergence of experts from Purdue research labs, student organizations, and industry partners to demonstrate their cutting-edge innovations and explore the future of these dynamic fields, and will be an endeavor to keep Purdue University at the forefront of the growing global focus on robotics and artificial intelligence. The conference will take place at Hampton Hall (Rooms 2113-8), Saturday, April 15th, 2023, from 11AM-4PM.
Student Co-Chairs: Haddy Elie Alchaer, Revanth Krishna Senthilkumaran. Faculty Mentors: Yu She, Shaoshuai Mou. News

ICON Student Research Conference (Feb. 23, 2023)

The conference will offer students the chance to present their research and network with faculty members and keynote speakers to explore new research avenues and interdisciplinary partnerships. A diverse array of topics will be covered during presentations, aimed at fostering communication and collaboration between researchers from diverse backgrounds. These topics include complex networks, multi-agent system optimization, reinforcement learning, data science for autonomy and control, resilient and secure autonomy, human-autonomy interaction, infrastructure systems control and optimization, and autonomy validation and verification.
Student Co-Chairs: Humphrey Leung, Brooks Butler. Faculty Mentor: Philip Pare. News

Autonomous Robotics Club of Purdue

The Autonomous Robotics Club of Purdue was created to grow the skills and abilities of its members through design projects centered around advanced autonomous robotics systems. It provides hands-on, real world experience to interdisciplinary teams using industry standard tools and practices.
Faculty Mentors: Yu She (2023- ), Shaoshuai Mou (2019-2022)

Autonomous Motorsports Purdue

The AMP student club was founded with a vision of building a strong research program for autonomous racing at Purdue. The team competes in the Indy Autonomous Challenge (https://www.indyautonomouschallenge.com/), with the goal of designing and optimizing algorithms for high speed (average 100 mph) autonomous racing.
Faculty Mentor: Samuel Labi.

Purdue Aerial Robotics Team

The Purdue Aerial Robotics Team mission is to create an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to compete in the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Student Unmanned Air Systems (AUVSI SUAS) Competition. The team consists of Aeromechanical, Electrical, and Software sub-teams.
Faculty Mentor: Shreyas Sundaram.

FAA Smart Connected Aviation Competition (2022)

A team of five Purdue engineering students won this year’s FAA Challenge by demonstrating how a successful air taxi service will need to manage their electricity needs. They showed how balancing the use of renewable energy and the electricity grid will be necessary as Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicles enter into regular service, and developed sophisticated software to optimized power usage. The team won both their category and the overall win in the competition, taking home a total $25,000 cash prize.
Faculty mentors: Dan DeLaurentis and Shaoshuai Mou.

NSWC AI for Small Unit Maneuvers Competition (2022)

A team of Purdue students, competing as Codex Laboratories LLC - a company founded at Purdue in 2019 - placed fourth in a competition organized by Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division (NSWC-CR) called the NSWC Crane AISUM Prize Challenge seeking AI algorithms to combine with robotic autonomous systems for small unit maneuver elements.
Faculty mentors: Shreyas Sundaram and Shaoshuai Mou.

DoD's “AI Tracks at Sea” Challenge (2021)

This challenge solicited software solutions to automatically generate georeferenced tracks of maritime vessel traffic based on data recorded from a single electro-optical camera imaging the traffic from a moving platform. Students from the AIMS Lab (directed by Prof. Shaoshuai Mou) received the Third Runner Up award in this competition.
Faculty Mentor: Shaoshuai Mou.

ICON Outstanding Student Research Symposium (2021)

The ICON Outstanding Student Research Symposium aims to bring outstanding students together to share their most recent research in control, optimization, learning, autonomy and robotics.

FAA's Smart Airport Student Competition (2020)

A Purdue University team comprised primarily of students from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics participated in, and won, the Federal Aviation Administration’s Smart Airport Student Competition and $25,000.
Faculty Mentor: Dengfeng Sun.